Make and Receive Payments From Your Bank Account.


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BaankPaay enables payment between individuals and businesses by facilitating transfers directly from their respective bank accounts. The process incurs no wasted time, no exchange of private data, no account creation, no transactions outside your trusted business circle and no hefty credit card transactions fees. Here are the steps.

  • After completing a job, a vendor creates an invoice in an accounting system. At the push of a button, the accounting system emails the vendor an electronic version of the invoice that contains all information necessary to complete the payment. We call these invoices Intrepids; they are encrypted so no one can see the data by simply opening the files.
  • Vendor forwards this email to their customer. Vendor can also verify the data by uploading the Intrepid to
  • Customer uploads the Invoice Intrepid to their bank. Customer is shown the invoice data and asked to approve payment.
  • Upon approval, the Payor bank transfers funds as instructed to the Payee bank.
  • Confirmation emails are sent to payee and payor from their respective banks.

The above is an "ideal" workflow when common accounting packages and banks have adopted Intrepids. Until then, vendors and customers use to create these transfers. Banks may use additional steps to verify users and confirm transactions, as they do currently using text or email confirmations but the basic process requires NO rekeying of any data after the initial invoice creation.

BaankPaay uses Intrepids, a new technology that enables business and individual consumers to create, store and exchange their arbitrary personal data with people and businesses they choose. When needed, Intrepids are simply uploaded to businesses they choose. The Intrepids are then unpacked and used for the users' express purposes. Intrepids themselves, and/or personal Intrepid data is NEVER stored on Intrep-id and related sites.

All data is purged from and Intrep-id related sites when user requests are completed. (Caveat - some transactional data may be retained in a few Intrepid related applications to assist users in servicing their transactions. This data is never sold or used for any other purpose.)



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How BaankPaay improves the payment process

Consumer Facing

  • Details about vendors and customers are hidden. Vendors only need to know their customer's email address
  • Reducing data entry for vendors and customers
  • Creating invoices in vendor accounting systems; uploading invoice data in customer accounting systems
  • Secure invoice delivery (with Payee account information)
  • Customers see their transaction data but not payee details
  • Single click approval enables payment from Payor bank account, and receipt into Payee bank account.
  • Instantaneously, or as per bank policy
  • No need to create "payee" accounts in your bank profile, pay anyone who sends a valid receipt
  • Banks and Baankpaay enfore review, approval and confirmation before payments are made
  • BaankPaay doesn't debit or credit any bank accounts, banks do.
  • All user data discarded from BaankPaay when transaction is completed

For Financial Institutions

  • A low cost payment mechanism
  • Reducing significant overhead effort for vendors, customers, banks for repetitive actions
  • Functions on a per transaction basis - loosely coupled
  • Transactional implies customers can pay anyone, not just those in their banking profiles
  • Pay from Payor bank account, receive into Payee bank account. Trusted relationships
  • Banks can overlay review and approval mechanisms before payments are made
  • BaankPaay is not involved in the funds transfer, nor does it retain any user or account data

BaankPaay Data Privacy

Data retained at BaankPaay for record keeping

  • A record of transactions minus personal and account data
  • Encrypted Emails and phone #s
  • Confirmations of approval/transaction completion

BaankPaay Fees

BaankPaay charges a 0.25% convenience fee to vendors. Payor and Payee banks may apply their own charges for their services.

Bank Payments - the way you want them to work

Questions? E-Mail: customer-services at or call 512.478.3112.